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Less than Truckload freight, better known as, LTL freight or LTL shipping refers to shipping that weighs around 150 pounds to as much as 20,000 pounds, that is, around 68 and 9,082 kg respectively. This is the usual weight that is not heavy enough to be treated as a regular full truck load but not small enough for parcel service.

Similar shipping services that would be outside of less than truckload freight would include services such as those provided by full truck load carrier, parcel carriers and regular mail. One of the advantages of LTL freight is that the shipment is transferred at a lower cost that having to pay for an entire full truckload for an exclusive shipment that does not fully meet the requirements for a full truckload anyways.

LTL shipping also offers a range of other services that may not be offered by FTL freight carriers. These may include, but is not limited to door to door residential pickup and delivery, freezer trucks and delivery notification.

You have the option of determining what services you may need beforehand by requesting a free on-the-spot LTL freight quote. You can also pre-schedule your pick-up and delivery times and any add-on services that you require. Fill out the form or give us a call toll free to receive your LTL freightquote today!

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